DfOSH-CMI (i.e. design for occupational safety and health capability maturity indicator) is a web-based tool that provides a robust systematic mechanism for profiling the design for occupational safety and health (DfOSH) organisational capability of construction organisations that perform design functions in the construction sector (e.g. architectural firms, engineering design firms, and design and build contractors).

DfOSH organisational capability describes the capability of a construction organisation to implement DfOSH. DfOSH organisational capability can be two-fold: 1) generic organisational capability (e.g. the organisational capability of a design firm in relation to its broad sector(s) of operation; and 2) project-specific organisational capability i.e. organisational capability in relation to a specific project. At present, DfOSH-CMI focusses on assessing generic organisational capability.

Presently, the primary use of DfOSH-CMI is organisational self-assessment. Design firms and design and build firms can thus use DfOSH-CMI to self-assess their DfOSH capability or the capability of their design offices in order to identify the areas of strengths and deficiencies in their capability.

Besides self-assessment, DfOSH may be used as part of a client’s pre-qualification arrangements in selecting firms that have the required DfOSH capability. Where DfOSH-CMI is used as part of pre-qualification, clients would have to request for additional information (e.g. documentary evidence and explanation) in support of the self-assessment generated by DfOSH-CMI.